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Saidêra - Deixa Tudo Fluir (Ray Mang Remixes)

Saidêra - Deixa Tudo Fluir (Ray Mang Remixes)


Ray Mang has been a spiritual brother to and lodestar for LPH since it's founding, but it was only when we began releasing these Saidêra tracks, defined by their suspension between laid-back Balearic electronica and poppy sun-bleached samba, that we knew we'd finally be able to naturally bring him into the fold.

Mr. Mang has kept the bright aesthetic and uninhibited ebullience of the original intact while simultaneously beefing up the presence of the rhythm section, revealing male-female vocal harmonies that were somewhat hidden before, and expanding upon the ornamentations that imparted to it a light-as-a-feather airiness and expansiveness.

In classic disco 12-inch style, the record includes a main mix and three spin- offs, each exploring a different facet. The radio mix is shorter and tighter, the “sambadrone beats” puts the percussion at the fore, and the instrumental lets the bed Mang has made take center stage.

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