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Ruf Dug Asking For Trouble

Ruf Dug Asking For Trouble

SKU: PF013

Ruf Dug, the Mancunian record producer, radio host, and self-professed video game freak is back for round two on Pinchy and Friends recordings with a 6 song ep that truly defies categorization.

On this latest outing, Ruf Dug touches on genres as diverse as Dub, Zouk, Melodic House, Balearic Chug, Reggaeton and more....

On side A... 'Asking for Trouble' comes brazenly out of the gate with 'buttoned down'- a bold and instantly iconic Zouk-inspired dance floor destroyer.

It is then followed up by the soothing, downtempo sounds of 'Pomegranate Dub' - another instantly iconic track featuring a lead horn melody that evokes memories of the late, great John Hassall.

Jumping over to side two, things kick off with 'Watching', which, even at it's chuggy BPM, is as deadly as a dance floor track can get.

It’s a welcome return to the label with an EP that will sound as good by the poolside in Ibiza or on a wet Tuesday afternoon in Manchester. Buy or cry!

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