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ROZA TERENZI - Worldwide

ROZA TERENZI - Worldwide

SKU: BZR 001

2018 was a good year for Katie Campbell AKA Roza Terenzi, with the fast-rising producer delivering a string of solo and collaborative singles for the likes of Kalahari Oyster Cult, Planet Euphorique, Salt Mines and Oscillate Tracks. Here she follows up a recent outing on Dekmantel by helping to launch new Melbourne-based imprint Bizarro. She begins with the loved-up, intergalactic retro-futurism of "50 Millionaire" - all bustling machine beats, drum machine cowbells, Chicago '88 bass and foreboding electronic pulses - before inviting us to bathe in the early '90s ambient melodies and chill out room beats of "Worldwide". Over on Side B, Rings Around Saturn adds some skittish, bass-heavy heat to "50 Millionaire" while Luca Lozano recasts "Worldwide" as a bustling chunk of acid-fired dancefloor electro.

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