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Rossum Universal Tracks - There Will Come Soft Reigns

Rossum Universal Tracks - There Will Come Soft Reigns


all my thoughts welcome rossum universal tracks to the family, backed by a unique selection of six original pieces in the form of ’there will come soft reigns’.
The A side eases you in with ‘rauschsong’ - a stripped back soundscape of panning synth and muffled crackles. The title track follows, subtly upping the energy with a broken beat, throbbing synth bass line and guitar licks. ‘c.r.s.a.’ welcomes the first house flavour, as deep swelling pads surge and retreat over a simplistic yet powerful foundation.
‘jovian’ begins the flip side in hydrosleepchamber mix form, pulling you into a blend of delicate horns and intricate drum grooves. ‘oh boy’ truly strips it bare with a blend of out of this world sounds flowing before the closing track arrives on scene. The float mix of ‘cyber sweet’ features nods to UKG as icy hats and snares bounce along a bed of more enchanting pads and intricate melodic passages.

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