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Rose Royce Still in Love

Rose Royce Still in Love

SKU: PR65024P

Two Rose Royce treasures from the 1982 Epic LP, “Stronger Than Ever” get a much deserved official, remastered reissue, with each side respectively fetching a pretty penny on their own.

First up, ‘Still In Love’, opens with otherworldly keys and a rumbling bass before diving into an alluring disco anthem where lively strings and animated pianos dance with a dose of ‘80s synth action. The powerful and emotive tones of Rose Norwalt swell with the rising string section, before making way for an exquisite piano solo that give this the power to enthral any dancefloor.

Take to the flip to find ‘Best Love’ which follows in those sparkling footsteps, utilising pitch bent top lines, graceful violins and a springing bassline that blend perfectly with Rose’s voice. A sweet and tender tale with an irresistibly soulful touch.

A Rose Royce double header spread lovingly over either side of a 12” for maximum clarity and punch.

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