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Risk Assessment Bad Times

Risk Assessment Bad Times


Back in February Risk Assessment hit the headlines via a high-profile outing on Glitterbox Recordings that proved the fast-rising artist's ability to create fresh and funky revivalist disco-boogie jams. This four-track missive on Midnight Riot showcases the producer's re-edit skills.
No messing around, "Bad Times" is an '80s wonder dripping with sleazed up synthwork. Yam Who? straps it to a rocket and fires it into the stratosphere with those punchy basslines and beefed up percussive hits that knock you straight for six.
On the B side "You Must Be The Girl" powers through, with Risk Assessment turning a colourful early '80s synth-disco jam into an attractive, tooled-up disco-house romp. "Bionic Lover" closes out proceedings with a house style revision of another low-slung, guitar-laden chunk of disco-rock funkiness.

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