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Rico Puestel - Exhibition 3

Rico Puestel - Exhibition 3


Finally being back on his Exhibition imprint, Rico Puestel - without any detours - delivers some intensively uplifting moods within two melodic exhibits that have been circulating here and there over two years now. After ongoing requests about those tracks, these two ultimately join forces and go public on a hand-painted flip design, making this record a wholesome experience again. Side A discovers the emotional magnitude, circulating and growing around the beauty of redundancy throughout a deeply immersive flute loop, nestled into a bouncing, analogue, almost archaic drum computer setting. Slowly building up over the course of half the track, Exhibit 3.1 emerges into a sphere of multi-layered synth harmonies and an oldschool bass arpeggio. On the flipside, things suddenly become clear that Side A has just been the build-up to something even larger and stronger: A mechanical marrow-and-bone drum groove (one might not hear everyday) stomps away to spread the bed for one of Rico’s possibly most captivating and flourishing synth melodies, spreading some blurry mysteries and clear sun-drenched bliss at the same time. A vast scenery, unfurling in front of your ears and eyes, almost like smelling blossoms and fresh air

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