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Residentes Balearicos La Musica EP

Residentes Balearicos La Musica EP


'La Musica' is a dreamy track for the perfect Balearic experience. Written by the 'Balearicos' it comes with two great remixes, one from the chillout legend Cris Coco and another one from Rudy's Midnight Machine.
Residentes Balearicos are a duo from Ibiza, consisting of Luca Averna and Alessandro Doretto. Luca is a DJ and works mainly with his friend Camilo Miranda at the legendary Pikes Hotel. Echoes and synthetic pads build up the atmosphere across the original version's intro taking you to a heavenly happy place until the beloved classic combo of a TR909 and Korg M1 piano send us all straight back to a '90s open air dance floor in Ibiza.
This is where the journey starts, accompanied by the piano chords and Brazilian sounding voices washing over you with calls of 'La Musica'. Perfect for a set on the beach, soft sand under foot or as a warmup record in the club, it will fit perfectly in your Balearic session.
Rudy's Midnight Machine takes the elements written by R.B. and shakes everything into a disco dimension. All the elements for the perfect track are in place: funky bassline, open hi hats and muted guitar plus an exploding chorus with a great melodic hook. This is a must have tune if you are into disco with a classy and modern feel.
Chris Coco's remix is a classic take made with great taste. He keeps the harmonic elements as well as the bass line almost intact, playing around with the vocals and adding melodic touches that give a tropical feeling to proceedings. Don't be fooled by the soft intro because the rhythm will soon take you dancing with a smile spread across your face.

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