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Red Rack'em Overthinking 01

Red Rack'em Overthinking 01


Red Rack’em is back with a new series devoted to the beautiful, self torturous art of overthinking, With the whole world stuck in a funk of uncertainty, it feels like a good time to blast away those cobwebs of uncertainty and release some music inspired by procrastination, quadruple guessing, agonizing over mixdowns (he’s never happy), using volume automation, channel gains AND bussing to create a melange of engineering cross purpose and take the writer even deeper into an artistically redundant mental cul de sac, which bears witness to countless stalled 3 point turn attempts. And that’s on a good day.

‘Train Of Thought’ is a 10 minute opus taking the listener on a head trip across the shattered mind of a post rehab, rave casualty struggling to piece together the last 20 years of memories. Wonky synths, banging breaks, ragga vocals and a 5 stage journey track ensure maximum value per minute. This is a feature length track with zero filler.

‘New August’ is a homage to Dannys smoked out jazz hip hop teen years put through the 2021 blender. Dusty samples and subs mix with an almost 2 step feel. Plenty of sudden changes and a biblical ending with Moses chiselling out the tablets over the top of an insistent beat.

Final thought ‘Overthinking’ closes with a neverending trance inducing arpy synth playing a demented chord sequence before the beat kicks in. Sometimes it’s hard to know when to stop thinking.

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