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Red Baron Fascinate

Red Baron Fascinate


The only question we should be asking about Ron Basejam and Red Rack’em getting in a studio together is ‘why did it take them so long?’ The Crazy P multi-instrumentalist brings a melodic sheen and strict work ethic to Berman's idiosyncratic, off kilter sample chops. We’re very excited to be bringing the first in a series of killer twelves from two artists who bring a huge amount of passion, soul and singularity to their music.

The infamous Crazy P studio in Nottingham, the scene of many a lost braincell for the pair became a different kind of playground with an arsenal of synths and the Basejam sample library proving fruitful. Several mammoth studio sessions were fitted in pre-lockown with both taking turns to lead when the other flagged. You can hear the grit in these tracks. Studio chiz, red wine and Alfreton Road kebabs fuelled these sessions. Buckle up for the Red Baron ride.

'Fascinate' is a foot stomping house banger hoedown which distils their collective years of sample voyaging into a taut yet jumpy floor wrecker. Uptight, urgent popped guitar licks and a face squinting bassline are mixed upfront with the track devolving at every chance with many a detour including the most warm uplifting middle eighth. A monster arpeggiated synth bass closes proceedings with a dark, knowing edge to the distant hardcore pads fading in.

'She Makes It Work' fuses stoner hippy tabla with a deviant tinged vocal benignly muttering missives while the second pill begins to kick in. Uplifting mangled chords meld with an ever building mood towards a deliriously melting peak moment. As with the A side, the track ends in a questioning manner taking the listener to another plane. This is a cosmic spiritual loft party 7am burner. A late '70s community group going off piste at a Wednesday night drumming circle by serving up the wrong punch.

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