The last few years has seen an increase in interest in what many have dubbed "slow house", but what Rainer Truby is calling "slouse"; atmospheric deep house that ranges in tempo from the low-90s to around 115 BPM. If you're still unsure as to what this all means, this compilation from the former nu-jazz maestro should fill in the gaps. There are many examples of the micro-genre at its' best, from the piano-laden sweetness of Maurice Fulton's rare remix of Alice Smith's "Love Endeavour" and the smothering chords of Sello's decidedly tactile "Lovely Flies", to the near horizontal Balearic ambience-meets-soft focus deep house of Eckoclick's picturesque rework of Bambooman's "Sun".

Rainer TRUEBY / VARIOUS - Slouse: Fishing In Slower Territories



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