At the third New Interplanetary Melodies' astral journey stopover, it was mandatory to catch an Italian project deeply inspired by the Sun Ra visionary realm, expressing contemporary trials of hybridizing jazz rubbles with artful electronica. So Ra Toth and The Brigantes' Orchestra landed on vinyl grooves for the label, after having previously appeared on the likes of Mathematics and Berceuse Heroique.  Behind the sound, we find the elusive and unpredictable genius of the well-respected producer Marcello Napoletano, known to be very prolific in quality music under several monikers. 
NIM received the distorted sound signal from Napoletano taken over by the Egyptian deity who, according to one of the stories, was born from the lips of RA. Who knows those noises were coming from a parallel dimension, outer space, or some otherworldly sphere...? Submerged in dark bottom waters, the stormy waves of the "Acid Sea" are made of convulsive afroflavoured percussion with sharp synths looming out like the ivories of some freakish abyssal creatures. 
The rounded groove of “Nico's Bass” seems to calm down the initiation ritual, though it's a delusive feeling 'cause the juju drum stabs and the vocal samples proceed through a hypnotic psychedelic crescendo full of tribal ancestral suggestions. The exploration goes ahead by entering the suburban jungle of "My Ghetto", a Crumar outburst and fucking Sonny Blount(ian) assimilation in a chaotic smoky place, twisted by a frantic stream of drumming that leaves you sweaty; before of being lured to the sax distortion of "System Disease", sharply broken by radio interferences, which sounds as quasi-concrete music. At the end, "Marciolamenti" is an industrial inward-looking journey; enigmatic, obsessive, which gives a pleasant sense of restlessness with a certain Badalamenti's aftertaste: Napoletano fires out everything he has inside by a Korg MS-20 at full blast and assembled groove looking for his ideal "Orchestra". ... end of transmission!




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