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Quiet Dawn - Celebrate

Quiet Dawn - Celebrate

SKU: FW290

First Word Records is very proud to bring you a brand new 11-track album from Quiet Dawn, one called 'Celebrate'.

French multi-instrumentalist Quiet Dawn has been an integral part of the First Word family for a full decade now. His diverse catalogue has included organic ambient-jazz (2018's 'Human Being - The Short Story Of The Reed'), Dilla-esque instrumental beats (2023's 'Simple' beat tape), head nod Hip Hop (the 2015 debut album 'The First Day') and broken beat (2022's 'Movements' EP).

It's the latter project that this new project is the most obvious successor to, which he produced directly afterwards. This new album from Quiet Dawn (real name Will Galland) takes on an array of broken beat flavours and features a few luminaries from that scene along the way, including the legendary Bembe Segue (on the smooth soulful grooves of 'All Around'), LyricL (dropping bars on the lively title track 'Celebrate') and Oliver Night from the CoOp Presents crew (on 'Follow Your Instincts' and single 'Lost From Life').

Elsewhere there's uplifting jazz samba-tinged vibes (on 'It's All About Freedom' & 'He Is Lion'), a sprinkle of downtempo boom bap ('Flow' & 'See The Good'), and an assortment of instrumental bruk riddims with squelchy synths, sweet rhodes, skippy percussion & funked-up basslines. Quiet Dawn once again effortlessly combines the organic with the electronic. The whole piece exudes positivity and good times.

Quiet Dawn explains "I had already started making tracks for this album, before completing the 'Movements' EP - tracks like 'It's All About Freedom' & 'I Just Wanna Do This'. I composed the title track 'Celebrate' with my son on my lap; he was 2 and a half years old, and was the one who found the Rhodes bass notes on the drums that I composed first. I made the bassline, the arrangement, and then the track was completed with the talents of LyricL with her unique lyrics and style! I fulfilled a dream of working with Bembe and it felt so effortless. And of course it's always pleasant and powerful making tracks with Oliver - he has crazy talent, and we understand each other so much on the spirit of the pieces we make together.

Once again, the idea was to make a record that we can dance to, whether we are dancers or not, listen to at home, or on our travels. Celebrate life, love, and the people we love. Celebrate the different cultures of the world - our differences are a strength. Turn negativity into positivity. Celebrate our actions, whether in pain or not. Celebrate our different journeys.

Let's 'Celebrate' it right now!"

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