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From the cosmos of Stretford on the outer realms of Manchester comes the kaleidoscope view of the world according to Psychederek and it's an explosive trip of shoe gaze soaked balearica.

Lead track Screamadereka heads straight into orbit from the get go with a stop off to thank the likes of The Cocteau Twins & Death In Vegas for their influence along the way. Huge drums, spaced out synths, warped guitars & a fully charged love in style vocal all wrapped up in a mushroom flavoured microdot with a pretty empowering finale.

I'm Alright steps up the ante a bit more and goes all Tomorrow Never Knows on us but with added warehouse acid squelch & rasps throbbing out from a beat that is broken (but not break beat!) whilst still retaining the psychedelic tendencies of its predecessor.

Sean Johnston steps off the ALFOS rocket ship and joins forces with Duncan Gray for their Hardway Bros Meet Monkton Disco Dub take of Screamadereka and the result is a hive of cosmic mutant disco brilliance whilst Manchester's finest 6 piece See Thru Hands turn I'm Alright into bombastic focused UKG style wig out duet complete with new vocal takes by DNCN for seriously wonky floors & like minded souls.

Includes beautiful insert artwork by Emma Evans

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