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Ponty Mython - Speak For Yourself EP

Ponty Mython - Speak For Yourself EP


A firm favourite here at Futureboogie HQ, Ponty Mython returns to the label after last years ‘Pink
Tango’ EP. Always ticking our Balearic boxes, with past releases on Quintessentials, Fina Music and
Better Listen, Ponty drops three paradise purlers on the ‘Speak For Yourself’ EP, coming at you with
added extra Jonny Rock remix!

Dubwize vibes are present on ‘Speak For Yourself’, as a roving bassline navigates its way around steady, marching drums and Arabic tones, initiating a most heady atmosphere. ‘Barocco’ is equally as dubbed out; a cinematic soundscape is set to a dusted breakbeat, nods to Lalo Schifrin are evident, as Pont carves out a blissful midnight drive soundtrack.

A wigged out, tribal space dance awaits on ‘Jealous Lover’, whilst Jonny Rock (ESP Institute/The
Nothing Special) climbs on board with his Future is Now remix that’s suitably freaky in all the right places, as aircraft sounds pass over and tweaky acid bubbles over a chuggy groove.

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