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Philipp Priebe - Ectoplasmatic Friends EP

Philipp Priebe - Ectoplasmatic Friends EP


Berlin’s Philipp Priebe delivers the ‘Ectoplasmatic Friends’ EP via his Stólar imprint
early December.
Since the launch of Philipp Priebe’s Stólar in March 2020, the label has set the tone for
its sonic palette which leans towards emotive deep house, dubbed out techno and
hypnotic electronica. So far the labels has stood as a platform for Priebe’s own material
while welcoming remixes from the likes of Just Another Beat artists Kim Brown and
Osaka, Japan’s Metome. Here the story continues with a fresh EP pencilled for 12’’
release in December, again showcasing more of Priebe’s work with accompanying
remixes courtesy of Tilman and Lifestyles.
The original mix of ‘Dial 7 For Ghost’ is up first, featuring a robust drum groove,
swirling resonant licks and chanting voices before the latter stages ease in a warm,
atmospheric chord sequences to carry out the composition. Fine regular Tilman follows
next with his take on ‘Dial 7 For Ghosts’, taking things down a typically soul laden
house direction from the German artist as he merges the original’s airy atmosphere
and bumpy drums with vocal stabs and a classic house bass line.
Lifestyles interpretation of ‘Dial 7 For Ghosts’ follows on the b-side, employing amen
breaks, tripped-out warbling effects on the original pad line and a dynamic feel. The
second original, ‘An Image Slowly Fades’, then wraps up the EP with cinematic,
melancholic synth textures, low-pitched ghostly vocals and low slung drums.

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