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Paul David Gillman Colours of the Earth LP

Paul David Gillman Colours of the Earth LP

SKU: SRMLP​-​1004


From the womb of Mother Earth's forces comes the long-awaited album by multi instrumentalist Paul David Gillman appropriately titled Colors Of The Earth. To consider this an album in the normal sense will only do a severe misjustice to the profound meaning of its purpose. Because at the very least Colours of The Earth, has for starters, a pure connection to nature's forces, and therefore has been assigned the role as a messenger who not only possesses healing vibrations , but a call to human unity and thus togetherness while we are given the gift of residing here on mother earth. Intentionally coming in alignment with Autumn September 22nd, Joaquin Joe Claussell Presents: The mystical sounds of Paul David Gillman's full-length compositions titled Colours of the Earth.

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