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Patrice SCOTT presents BUTCH HAYNES

Patrice SCOTT presents BUTCH HAYNES


For the latest missive on his reliable Sistrum imprint, Motor City stalwart Patrice Scott has decided to introduce us to Butch Haynes - or at least his productions (Scott has declined to provide further details thus far). What we can tell you is that "Ghost Ego" is really good - a deliciously deep and seductive shuffle through organic deep house/jazz-funk fusion rich in bluesy female vocal samples, rich bass guitar, toasty Fender Rhodes chords, fluid vibraphone motifs and tons of intricate additional percussion. Scott delivers his own deliciously deep, groovy and jazzy house interpretation on side B, adding a whisper of Latin flavour, tasty pianos and liquid synths, while bonus cut "Feelingz" is a head-nodding chunk of Guru style jazzy instrumental hip-hop dopeness.

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