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Parviz - The Sky Of Orange  Whispers

Parviz - The Sky Of Orange Whispers


French-Persian producer and composer Parviz is back on FHUO Records with a new release, aptly named « The Sky Of Orange Whispers ». There’s an eerie, sunsetting glow to the whole opus; a high-octane, funk-heavy 12" that wavers between joie-de-vivre and melancholy. Case in point, the light-hearted lyrics of the self-titled track, reminiscent of Greenwich Village's glorious days, counterbalanced by the languorous melodies of the trumpet and electric piano. Heavyweight jazz-funk riffs and infectious syncopes set the ball rolling, only for subtler arrangements and buoyant harmonies to take over and win our hearts. Once the tempo slows down, a scent of spring fills in the air, and a stunning sky of deep vermilion colors takes shape before our very eyes.

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