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Okinawa Delays - Just A Little Lovin’ EP

Okinawa Delays - Just A Little Lovin’ EP


Hot off the press, Okinawa Delays' lay down their second single of 2020, Just A Little Lovin', an ethereal cover of Dusty Springfield’s classic that’s nestled within her many Balearic wonders.
Drinking in all the essence from Dusty’s original, Satoko Ishimine channels that pureness through her breathtaking vocals on the lead track. Sweeping, soulful and with a summer haze weaved into it’s very makeup, it’s that warm embrace you’ve been pining for all year. Ibiza legend DJ Pippi and Ibiza-born talent Willie Graff then step up to provide a laid-back dance remix as the sun sets on the beach club.
Rounding off the EP captains of the Balearic waves, Seahawks, provide a sublime psychedelic chill-out mix that's ready-made to lose yourself in as you stare across the glistening horizon.

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