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Okinawa Delays and Max Essa - I Can’t Sleep

Okinawa Delays and Max Essa - I Can’t Sleep


The fourth single from Okinawa Delays (singer Satoko Ishimine and Okinawa-based producer Mizuki) is I Can't Sleep, a collaboration with Tokyo-based Balearic evangelist Max Essa.
This is a Balearic disco tune with a bassline reminiscent of the 80's electro-disco of Klein and M.B.O. and Gino Soccio, and a Japanese monologue that sounds like a daydream.
The Japanese monologue, penned by producer Mizuki himself, was inspired by his stay in Ibiza, and is an insomniac, daydream-like monologue of a girl after she returns from a party. (There is an English translation on the back of the vinyl sleeve.)
As always, her voice is great, but it's also interesting that the content is far from her innocent image.
The single features an original mix for the midnight dance floor as well as a dub version by Balearic master Leo Mas and a remix by Pete Herbert, perfect for the beach club or poolside.

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