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Nu Groove Edits, Vol. 1

Nu Groove Edits, Vol. 1

SKU: NG136

Nu Groove spotlights the artists that made the legendary NYC label a firm favourite of crate diggers then and now with a series of their vital tracks re-edited by leading industry figures and choice selectors of today.

‘Nu Groove Edits, Vol. 1’ celebrates the champion of that quintessential New York house sound, Rheji Burrell. Together with his twin Rhano, the Burrell brothers were instrumental in defining the sound of Nu Groove, often releasing under a slew of monikers, four of which appear here.

First up, the underground pioneer Bruise aka Christian Campbell takes on Burrell’s ‘Secret Code’ released under his Jazz Documents moniker. Anonymous Berlin duo Acid Jerks edit the deep house classic ‘Tech Trax Inc.’ by the eponymous pseudonym.

What follows is house purist Phil Weeks’ rework of Houz’ Neegroz ‘All Night Long’ featuring vocals from Quiana. Rounding out this eclectic collection of edits, the unstoppable production duo Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon take on the legendary track ‘APT. 2A’ that Burrell released as N.Y. House’n Authority.

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