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North Satellite - A Rising Sign

North Satellite - A Rising Sign


Continuing the vibe set in motion by number 003, and in a timely shift away from the elevated tempos of the club, Startree slows it down just a bit more for its fourth go-round, raising its sonic ceiling and lowering its floor. The sensuous, broad-minded sound on offer here is the brainchild of one Mr. Eugene Tambourine, a name one can expect to be hearing a lot more from in coming months, given his distinct, energetic-yet-calming amalgam of musical delicacies, perfect for these shifting times.

“A Rising Sign“ somehow recalls salsa without using any drums, as it does house music without employing a kick. Don’t ask how, just let it groove and try to figure out why your ass wants to move despite the absence of almost all of the hallmarks of today’s “dance music”. All except for the outsize bassline which holds it all down firmly to the floor while playful electric piano chords punctuate and add blocks of color to a an idyllic soundscape animated by cascading chimes, glockenspiel, bell, synth and zither. This is a warm, sonic bath you’ll no doubt wish lasted longer.

“Le Lagon Noir” began for Eugene as an instrumental rendition of Laurie Anderson’s “Blue Lagoon” but is, here, reincarnated in the form of a louche, mystical, serpentine groove which wouldn’t sound out of place at an aquatic rollerdisco. Its lyrics have been revived, translated into French and voiced by the inimitable Camille Vourzay in her smoldering, dusky spoken tones. Bright and mysterious synth textures wash the rich, mid-tempo jam in a lunar haze while pattering percussion adds earth to compliment the water.

“Keep my Light” beautifully reframes a lyrical reference to the pop-gospel standard “I’ll Keep my Light in my Window” within a deceptively empty-yet-full bed of softly-rendered drum machine programming and shimmering metallic textures. Its wistful synth work hits that ever-elusive, melancholic magic spot between loneliness and abundant love.

Eugene's composition "Love Is On The One (No Rues It's True)" concludes the record, bringing the sentiment back home to where the heart is. Yevhen Bubon's vocals lead this softly jubilant celebration of a bond between souls. Using a palette which suggests both Logg and Larry Heard and lyrics which may provoke a tear, this is space-y, groove-laden music for both earthly and cosmic lovers alike.

Startree is delighted to present Eugene’s unique sound to the world as a continuing statement of its musical intentions and its simple desire to inspire and have a good time.

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