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Nelson Bishop - Alice et les Aloes

Nelson Bishop - Alice et les Aloes


In a turn of events, Startree finds itself wading into the slower, more sensual side of things for its third release, courtesy of relative newcomer and super-talent Nelson Bishop.

“Alice et les Aloes“ is a heart-rending, melancholic-yet-propulsive piece which impels the dancer in lovely and unforseen directions. The bass guitar holds the bottom down with a easy-yet-mighty, low-slung sleaze, and the ascending electric piano and keyboard figures joyfully take it to the stars. Soulful with modern-rock edges, this is music which endears itself to the listener on more than one level and for longer than one season.

“Still Life Noix de Coco” is rooted in a stomping Linndrum pattern, vaguely post-punk chorus-y bass and wistful, descending organ timbres. Driving and somewhat mysterious, you would do well to time the release of fog onto your dancefloor to coincide with the airing of this jam.

Shoring up the other side is Darshan Jesrani’s take on “Alice et les Aloes.” In this version, Darshan takes the track around the corner, through the unmarked door, past the video arcade and straight to the ideal dancefloor, heaving and smiling, warm with bodies emoting to each instrument as it is given space, by the arrangement, to shine.

Startree is proud to present this release as a continuing statement of its musical intentions and its simple desire to inspire and have a good time.

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