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Neil Cowley DFAM

Neil Cowley DFAM

SKU: MO003

Stating that "groove based hypnosis is definitely my favourite state of mind", dynamic composer Neil Cowley is set to release solidly electronic club-focused track 'DFAM'.

Neil Cowley has embraced a new musical direction, incorporating electronic, ambient and neo-classical production. 2018's 'Spacebound Tapes' EP first hinted at a musical shift for Neil, reflected in his choice of remixers: Rival Consoles, Throwing Snow, Christian Löffler and Vessels.

Earlier this year his 'Grains & Motes' collaborative EP with Erased Tapes composer Ben Lukas Boysen was described in The Guardian as "a texturally interesting world that will appeal to Nils Frahm fans...slow-motion hymns, working within deliberately constricted melodic phrases but always wringing out a quiet grandeur and a beautiful sadness.”

The release of his first solo EP 'Beat Infinitum' in July incorporated technology and the joys of electronics into a reflective set ("Investigate" 8/10 DJ Mag).

His recent guest mix for Clash ("a gripping selection that continually offers the unexpected") brought together tracks by Metro Area, The Mauskovic Dance Band, Nightmares On Wax, Khruangbin and Shinichiro Yokota.

Neil co-wrote with Maribou State for their album ‘Kingdoms In Colour’, and recently remixed their collaborator Holly Walker.

On 'DFAM', Neil writes: "The latest challenge I’ve set myself in my studio has been to look at how I incorporate my signature instrument (the piano) into my electronic palette of sounds.

There are parts of these two elements that feel by nature incongruent with each other; the organic resonance of the piano seemingly at odds with the very immediate electronic backdrop of the music I’m currently making.

So I applied a series of gates and compressors to my studio piano and the results were so percussive and sounded so strangely modular or electronic that it lead me to compose in a whole new way. In my minds eye I was composing on a new pseudo-classical piece of static energy.

The most striking result of this approach thus far has been DFAM. A tune which is definitely more of a floor filler than my previous output, though like all my music I have strived to create a beautifully simplistic ‘swan’ above the water, whilst beneath the water webbed feet paddle away interweaving rich harmonic content and interplay like a deranged and wonky orchestra of keyboard players! I’ve derived maximum pleasure from playing this tune live.

It’s a hell of a hooky riff to jump on and it means I can get away with playing it on an endless cycle. Groove based hypnosis is definitely my favourite state of mind."

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