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Natasha Kitty Katt - Kosmic Oscillations

Natasha Kitty Katt - Kosmic Oscillations


Four intergalactic cuts from Natasha Kitty Katt on Ghetto Disco Records.
Kosmic Oscillations
A deeper Kosmic vibe from Natasha, Kosmic Oscillations puts your head in space. Designed to transcend the dancefloor and take your mind on a Kosmic trip.
Larry’s Code
Paying homage to the one and only, Larry Levan, this dancefloor number is guaranteed to set floors alight. With heavy synth use and a funky bassline, this is one to make you move.
Up There?
An upbeat number centered around the idea of UFOs and glitterballs. A feel-good mover that’s out of this world.
Katt Nip
This bizarre, yet wonderful Italo trip has everything from cat sounds to a thumping bassline. Perfect for the dancefloor, this number is sure to turn a few heads and move feet.

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