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Myles Bigelow - Hand Crafted (Limited Edition Purple Vinyl)

Myles Bigelow - Hand Crafted (Limited Edition Purple Vinyl)



One Copy Per Order Please

What better way could I share the musical journey I’ve experienced over the last 20 plus years than to create a recording project that reflects that life long journey? How could I best show that progression to other people that dates back as far as early childhood when I participated in experimental music classes? Or the influence of that hefty vinyl jazz collection my father constantly played in the house? Or the in depth knowledge retained from Berklee College of music (Boston), or Instituto Superior De Artes University (Havana Cuba)? How could I share with other people the musical influences gained from living in many significantly different cultural surroundings? Or experience the years of sound inputs that influenced my personal development gained from touring with bands around the world.

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