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Samosa continues its white-hot streak for 2021 with the release of Maracuja EP, marking the welcome return of fellow Italian master of the groove – Musta.
This dazzling four tracker is Musta at his very best. Intricate and diverse, hypnotic, tribal – all the ingredients are in the melting pot here to deliver a truly distinguished and captivating release which has the Samosa stamp all over it.
Leading on the A side is ‘Welcome (To My Africa)' – which immediately kicks off with a sumptuous rolling bass, distinctive hi-hat and rhythmic bongos to draw you in. In an instant, you’re surrounded by layers of African rhythm guitar, sharp brass and woodwind with the most infectious vocal chants. This really is Afro-Funk at its finest – a bouncing, rocking, rhythmic bomb of a track which will fill any dance floor.
Next up is the EP title track, 'Muracuja'. With this, Musta has created a funk infused mid-tempo stomper which wastes no time at all in getting us to the centre of the action. The slapped bass, tribal beats and brass stabs lead to a glorious, harmonised tribalistic chorus which is suddenly awash with flowing key changes and melody. The breakdown only serves as a brief respite before the senses are hit again with a swirling ocarina, chunky bass and clavinet groove tidal wave. An absolute gem that is bound to feature in DJ sets and charts alike.
On the flip side, we start things off with ‘Cosmic Cut’. The drum heavy intro lasts seconds before the instrumentation subtly kicks in like a distant train approaching. The rhythm is insanely addictive; sophisticated Afro beats flow over you whilst the sizzling vocal combines perfectly with the spellbinding deep bass. This type of sound has the Samosa fingerprints all over it. Intoxicating and enthralling in equal measure, this will slide easily into any DJ set.
Closing the EP out with considerable style is 'Cumbuco', which is another magnificent cut of expertly crafted world music. Musta quickly lures us in with a conga beat and rolling drums; building nimbly to a mesmeric bass line and an almost ethereal looped vocal chant. Then we’re hit with the sax – oh my! A sax so dirty you want to take it outside and hose it down. This is one sexy and sensual express train combining funky bass, contagious rhythms, outrageous organ sweeps and sophisticated sample loops. A perfect final act for a sensational EP.
The Maracuja EP is another nailed-on winner for Samosa Records and is sure to fly off the shelves and onto the dance floors in the blink of an eye. Don’t hang around – get this one in your record bag quickly.

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