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Murat Uncuoglu & Alican - No End

Murat Uncuoglu & Alican - No End

SKU: iso010

As we slowly creep out of social isolation, Isolate
remain where they’ve always been: in their own unique
lane, serving up majestic electronic music from their
Istanbul HQ. And for this particular trip, the labels tenth
and their first vinyl release, the Isolate bosses are
driving: Murat Uncuoglu & Alican.
‘No End’ starts the march. Stately, uplifting and just the
right amount of triumph. It’s loaded with spiralling
hooks that make you reach further than your arm’s
length, make you look further than your eyes reach,
make you hope more than conventional reality usually
allows. This is sound of post-lockdown dancefloors
around the world.
‘Patchwork’ follows. A darker, prowling slab of pristine
synth drama with a plucked bassline and all kinds of
flourishing twirls and diversions, within seconds it
ensures heads are down and bodies are locked into the
groove. Don’t believe the title; this one’s seamless….
And so is the grand finale track ‘Big Wishes’.
Signing out with a powerfully positive piece; ‘Big
Wishes’ takes all the weirdness and tension of the last
four months, screws it up tightly into a strange trippy
ball then throws it so high in the air it turns to dust in the
atmosphere. A true set highlight that will have your
crowd wondering what hit them.
Three immense stories, two articulate storytellers, one
beguiling label. Isolate remain in their own unique lane.

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