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Multi Culti Solstice I / Axial Tilt

Multi Culti Solstice I / Axial Tilt

SKU: MC057

Multi Culti tune in to earth’s axial tilt in the second round of its flagship 12” series with EQUINOX I: The global occult label kick off the seasonal shift with a magical collaboration between Mexican chug-guru Iñigo Vontier and Moscow based brothers Simple Symmetry. ‘Hocus Pocus’ is an anthem for the fuzzy-minded, post-lockdown party-goer. It’s a mesmerizing merger of contemporary electronics and vintage psychedelia. We don’t know much about Ponty Mython, but their sound is right at home on this eclectic record. A freeform flea-market of samples strewn around a broken beat, strung together around a catchy melody, ‘Pinto La Meah’ has an optimistic feel, a subtly nostalgic sense of travel and discovery that suits the global groove collecting theme.

The B-side tracks take the tempo down while raising the hands in the air, perfect for lockdown house parties wherever big-room raves are still ruled out. Ecuadorian Pancho Piedra leads the proceedings with ‘Servio’, serving up a loopy banger that recalls classic Comeme in the best possible way. Punchy, no nonsense party track with just enough spice in the salsa. Colombia via Buenos Aires producer Hermetics teams up with ZZK affiliated, Quito based Hannah Lee on ‘Lux Naturae’ with an absolutely massive sounding beat with killer sub bass. Finally, Magic Pirate takes the downtempo breakbeat vibe into trippier territory with a wicked sounding piano and aphex-synth-sounding romp through his wild imagination on ‘Make me a Jazz Coffee.’ These are fresh, genre-defying and tracks to enter the autumnal equinox, and a fearless move forward in time for earth dance fans the world over.

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