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SKU: LT109

Little do we know about Moondance, in fact when these tracks just showed up in the inbox one day, we said "Moon who?".
All we got was a link to a dropbox folder with three tracks signed Moondance.
One thing is for sure though, the music peaks volumes and that is why we didn't hesitate to sign all three of them.

The title track, 'Never Found Love' comes in two different shapes. While the original is a colourful, rich, and jazzy piano driven house track with a vocal to tie it all together, the Amen Mix is an off-kilter dub inspired version, it sounds like something straight out of a Innerzone Orchestra jam session

Moondance's own theme, 'The Moon Dance (2020)' sounds like the perfect blend between house and techno, carefully dipped into a pot with equal parts of forward thinking Detroit style and organic house.

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