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Mofak Rock Your Money / System 3.0

Mofak Rock Your Money / System 3.0

SKU: TV021

MOFAK, the funkiest producer from the south of France (Marseille), is back with a double Modern Boogie single just the way we like it!

A side: the bass of the single sets the tone over a fat beat featuring the vocals of Saïd (IAM) and Elois Scroggins! The vocoder gives us a real treat, and the chorus takes it all in and sets the dancefloor alight!

B Side : Big beats and groovy bass are the recipe for the intro, then AprilSoul takes it all in when the synthesizers kick in! Mofak on vocoder lifts the track, then the chorus kicks in and keeps us on the edge of our seats until the awesome guitar chorus forces us to play Air Guitare ! !

With this double single, Mofak confirms his Modern Boogie level of production and makes it clear that we'll have to keep a close eye on him in the shops.

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