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Misantrop Limerence

Misantrop Limerence


Misantrop’s “Limerence” effortlessly merges a multitude of genres together into a satisfying, oftentimes surprising, whole. Throughout the collection Misantrop lets a sense of mystery enter into the equation as he actively works against listener expectations. Akin to the word “misanthrope” the way that these songs come together feels raw, as if they outright refuse to be pigeonholed as anything. “Limerence” has the results speak for themselves: by carefully creating these strange, at times hypnagogic, grooves, the collection teems with a sense of life. Over the course of the collection various percussive elements skitter about with melodies veering in and out of the mix.

Wasting no time in subverting genres is the unique grooves of “No. 3”. On this piece Misantrop hints at elements of dub, house, and industrial without settling into any of them. Instead Misantrop lets the song evolve into a rather lush, almost prickly, kind of melody. Stripped down to the essentials is the funhouse of mirrors action of “Nocturnal Emission” where Misantrop lets a sense of play reign. By far the highlight of the collection is the spacious textures of the title track “Limerence”. Nimble on its feet the song veers from one groove to another, as fractals of melodies linger giving it a rather loose feel. Closing the collection on a high note is the eerie whir of “They Don’t Know”. With this piece Misantrop creates a gargantuan groove and lets it simply grow into an uncontrollable beast.

Strangely beautiful and oddly compelling, Misantrope’s “Limerence” is an undeniably strong, compelling debut.

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