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Mindy Meng Wang x Tim Shiel - Nervous Energy 一 触即发

Mindy Meng Wang x Tim Shiel - Nervous Energy 一 触即发


Early in the year 2020, the world saw an unprecedented shutdown unlike anything we had experienced in living memory. Communities everywhere closed ranks, putting an end to physical interaction between individuals in response to a rapidly developing and unpredictable crisis. The streets emptied of rush hour traffic, and landscapes took on a new and eerie silence.

As a result, we found our thoughts wandering the world, while our physical selves remained firmly at home. For artists, creative energy was frustrated by the physical sense of confinement. But human beings are resilient creatures, and so individuals began reaching out to each other across the empty spaces, finding inspiration in cooperation and partnership.

The recordings featured here are a direct result of these times. Drawing upon existing source material, these artists worked remotely over the course of a year, exchanging ideas and developing the finished pieces that you now hold in your hand. In the course of this activity, new means were found, and new works unearthed that may never have seen the light of day.

We do not intend this as a statement of strength and durability, for that would imply that human beings are rigid and cannot change. Instead, we hope to celebrate that fact that we can change, we can adapt. And we celebrate the link of humanity that ties us together in this world that we share.

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