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Michael Wilson - Groove It To Your Body

Michael Wilson - Groove It To Your Body


What can be said about this monstrous Disco Funk extravaganza from 1982? Well, plenty actually... the only entry in the mighty Prelude back catalogue from Michael Wilson, 'Groove It To Your Body' is what this music is all about, a proper dance record, drenched in the funk, a groove that just doesn't stop. The A-side is incredible, but it's really the b-side dub mix that steals the show. Francois Kevorkian, who was Prelude's A&R man at the time, mans the desk on both mixes, but for a truly stellar work-out the dub flips all of the essential ingredients into a stew of rumbling synth and tape feedback and deep space delay and echo. This mix could be seen as the template of what was to come, and is an all-out dancefloor wrecker. Try it! It doesn't get any better than this. A Disco essential. 2nd hand copies of this nugget go for serious wedge these days, now's your chance to snag an *official* licensed reissue from Prelude direct. All totally Above Board! Do it!

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