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Medline Azul

Medline Azul

SKU: MB45003

Following the success of Eric B & Rakim covers on 45, touching Hip Hop and rare groove fans, Medline explores new horizons. Well known to be free from styles boundaries, the French Chilean multi - instrumentalist unveil a two side Afro Funk killer.

Marked with the "universal power" title on the label, third 7 inch on My Bags catalog, this new 45 shows Medline's abilities to produce high quality music in a wide range of styles. The compositions are produced with a brilliant contrast. The uptempo "Run For Cover" is a huge Afro beat runner with a hardcore feeling while "Azul", is a heavy downtempo soul funk anthem, and shines like a massive solar energy boost.

Medline brings back the 70's West African sound signature, carried by a hot drum and bass couple, leaded by the Farfisa organ and harmonized with a powerful brass section. The rhythm is wild, mastered by dynamical arrangements when the breaks are hitting loudly around. And yes as always Medline is the ONE playing all.

The artistic fate offered beautiful colors and forms to the music. Clément Laurentin's elegant painting "Run For Cover" reminding Bob Marley and Lee Perry's records, baptized the first composition which includes a "Jamaican" surprise. "Azul" (Blue in Spanish) is the main color of Clément's creation which remind the look of the famous azulejos. The link happens without any previous consultation, all was here to be done this way, connecting cultural areas and eras. To end, the acrylic painting on linen canvas is the perfect organic mirror to this new 7 inch.

My Bags is happy to offer this "tratra" (Ivorian pancake), designed with all the elements of a ready to dig holy grail, Soul inspired, Afro beat to the core.

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