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&ME - The Rapture Pt.III

&ME - The Rapture Pt.III

SKU: KM066

On his latest offering, &ME is delivering quite the achievement. Co-produced with Black Coffee, the a-side „The Rapture Pt. III”
obviously continues the narrative of its predecessors. But unlike in the motion picture business, where sequels tend to be watered
down rehashes of the original, those Raptures are just getting better and better. It’s all here, the dense and gentle build-up, the tender
piano lines, the just overwhelming emotion. Safe bet, we’re dealing with a future classic here.

On the flipside you’ll find L.I.F.E, yet another score for the emotive peak of a clubnight. And that tune is brimming with life for sure, be it
pulsating within its rhythmic architecture or it’s inhaling and exhaling dynamics. It salutes the children of planet earth and that message
lucidly comes through as it’s written in &ME’s distinctive, but utmost universal sonic language.

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