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Maximal Dance - Pasteur & Tsy

Maximal Dance - Pasteur & Tsy


As they were working their asses off on their respective projects last year, these two lads came together to deliver a not so formal four-handed introductive dance record. The purpose is crystal clear : one record capturing through three maximalists club tracks, both their obsession for digressive New Beat, Raveinfused House and in the background, dirty breakbeats bumping into thick Emo pads of Italo Disco or some leftfield Post Punk music. Those two were too young to experience the post-Disco big bang which occurred between 88 to 94, but they manage to embrace the spirit and twist it without any shame. Far from contemplating the European dance legacy, they bend it to create a second merciless big bang, right to the face. By that way, they offer you, happy raving people, these three restless pieces that are 200% coherent on their holy belief of a « Maximal Dance » aesthetic.

  • Expected Release Date

    December 4, 2020

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