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Max In The World & Kroba - Excursions

Max In The World & Kroba - Excursions

SKU: BP008

Following 2020’s Radiant City and 2021’s The Living Dub, Bliss Point's Max In The World has teamed up with saxophonist Kroba for Excursions, four new offerings for club and home listening.

On Excursions, the pair explore a variety of sonic palates: the sun-drenched balearic house of “Don The Don”, the psychedelic downtempo of “Tiqqun”, the jazz inflected minimal dub of “Rain Dub”, and finally the beat-less bliss of “Gigi”, a naturalistic ode to the life-giving catalog of Gigi Masin, perfect for a meditation or a dance floor wash.

Kroba, who cut his teeth in Brooklyn trio Archie Pelago (Mister Saturday Night, Styles Upon Styles), conjures a mixture of free form jazz and effected, ambient saxophone textures over Max In The World’s emotion-laden club grooves, and together they open new portals for the head, heart and body.

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