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MARLOW / TRUBY - U Know How I Feel

MARLOW / TRUBY - U Know How I Feel


For the 5th time now, Nemoy managed to convince actual musicians to release something on his largely unsuccessful label. And oh boy, are those some actual musicians this time! Marlow and his partner in crime Rainer Trüby came up with a lush, deep house stomper featuring a little vocal shred we all think we know – but we really don’t! They are not so much into the obvious sample digs… Combined with some crazy hi hat work and all the minor 9th chords you can possibly handle, „U Know How I Feel“ makes you feel like they really do know, how you feel. 
Azaxx took all this and turned it into something completely different. To be honest, he might just have created an entirely new genre of soulful electronic dance music. Outstanding drum programming and the exact right amount of „when is that beat coming back again?!“ make his remix a very unique ride. 
Nemoy made a version too. He challenged himself to use the cheapest, most unintuitive and terrible synth you can imagine for this. And he made it sound like a Million Dollars. The shuffle on this one is a very weird animal – but also a very fluffy one. 
Go get it, before the others do! There are only 150 copies or so around!

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