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Mark de Clive-Lowe Midnight Snacks Vol.1

Mark de Clive-Lowe Midnight Snacks Vol.1


Opening with Joyful Resistance Part I – created at the peak of the 2020 Black Lives Matter social uprisings in the US and around the world, spiritual jazz piano gives way to a swaggy head-nod 3/4 hip hop excursion sounding like a modern day blend of Harry Whitaker and Bernie Worrell. Blue Hour bring us into sunrise-house territory with MdCL’s signature harmony and piano leading the way over lush strings, showing us yet another reason why he’s one of your favorite producer’s favorite producers.
Side B opens with 37,000 feet – a soundtrack to flying high in the skies and the anticipation of going somewhere new with broken beat drums, rhodes and free-wheeling synths taking us all the way there. Closing out the EP, Thanks Given brings us the broken-boogie with MdCL’s playful harmony and melodic flourishes oozing with uplifting goodness. Synth and piano solos are the icing on the cake rounding out this first installment of Midnight Snacks.

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