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Malouane - Long Way For The Homies

Malouane - Long Way For The Homies


We are extremely happy to welcome Malouane to our roster for this third release. The atmosphere of Malouane is unique: raw, melodic and full of details with charm. "Long Way for the Homies" will recall artists like MCDE or Rick Wade, quite in the same vein: Jazzy, soul and house. The second, "Keep Yo Mama Clean" very catchy too: drums, beautiful basses and small samples interact with each other. These elements work perfectly, because Malouane has a real sense of musical arrangement, a real mastery of sampling. "This is supposed to be an Outro" is the last track of the original tracks: it is a little slower than the others but a great wealth: a real charm and a true personality emerges from this piece. The multitude of details and, again, the mastery of the sample make it a piece as much club as listening. Cody Currie has proposed his own vision. The young English producer made a great remix by putting his style and Clement’s together. Finally, Times are ruff also offers their reinterpretation of Keep yo Mama Clean: softer and quite faithful to the atmosphere of this EP, with a small taste of Chaos in the CBD, the Dutch have done a remarkable job.

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