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Mallorquín - In the Last Place on Earth

Mallorquín - In the Last Place on Earth


Palms & Charms' ninth vinyl release comes from the Tokyo studio of label co-founder Mallorquín.

Getting strong support from DJs including Leo Mas, Max Essa (Music for Dreams/Hell Yeah), Michelangelo Battaglia (Vinyl Dreams - San Francisco), and Mike Salta (Music for Dreams). Getting airplay on Ibiza Sonica (Shams Faure), Music for Dreams Radio (Mike Pickering - One Million Sunsets), and 1BTN (Mike Bradbury - Higher Love).

First up, Ótimos Tempos ('good times' in Portuguese) is a relentless, mid-tempo disco chugger with a live feel. A sensuous synth bass is backed by insistent rhythm guitar, building with strings and percussion to a sun-drenched and supremely laidback melody. The track drops back into stripped down percussion, claps and live bass licks, before continuing to soar across the dance floor like an uplifting memory of good times.

Second track Yellow Machine features an extended percussive intro, followed by a lithe bass workout. Dropping into a chugging groove, swirling pads and metronomic bass guitar combine with alternating synth lines and congas-from-beyond to drive the rhythm onwards. Take a cruise in the Yellow Machine.

Side B opens with the slightly more uptempo In the Last Place on Earth. A pulsating bass synth and phasing cabasa provide a solid foundation, as ringing guitar echoes across the stereo field. A deep and enigmatic mid-tempo groover.

Finally, In the Last Place on Earth (Beat Broker Dream Dub) takes you firmly by the hand and leads you to the pool, via the dance floor. A solid kick and shuffling percussion will move your limbs, while delayed guitar and synths caress your soul. It's Balearic.

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