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Makèz - Levitation

Makèz - Levitation


Our first adventure with Makèz concludes with Levitation, the sequel to Elevation, their first EP for LPH, which we released on Valentine's Day this year. With this five-tracker, the slinky funk is back, but now it has an added layer of sensual, late-night, richly-detailed disco that slowly heats up over the course of the flight.

The A side is a more contemplative affair, the soundtrack to dancing alone, under moonlight in a cobblestone courtyard or a jumbo disco ball in a freshly-mopped club; it prompts you to close your eyes and dive deep within. The other side is the community side, the overcapacity-party side, the collective-consciousness side, one big-room, sprawling anthem with razzle-dazzle diva vocals in the middle, one beachy, tropical affair that's an all-smiles comedown for the high.

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