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Magic Words Wabi Soba EP

Magic Words Wabi Soba EP


Magic Words, a new project from NY-based producers Eli Cohen and Peter Hargarten, make their debut on RNT with the Wabi Soba EP, a perfect summertime record. If the title track sounds a bit familiar it’s because it’s been in Harvey’s hands for a while and has made many appearances in his sets around the world. Based around an emotive and dreamy loop, the song basically embodies Balearica, dripping with Spanish guitar and wistful, melancholic harmonies. Toronto’s Jex Opolis turns in a massive remix that preserves all the delicate texture of the origi-nal and lays it lovingly over a pulsing clubby drum foundation. Already getting a huge re-sponse in the RNT crew’s club sets, this is a special record that’s got some serious sum-mer anthem buzz!

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