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Lorenzo Morresi - Objet Melodie

Lorenzo Morresi - Objet Melodie


'Objet Melodie' is a combination of real instruments, synthesizers, drum machines and samples, involving genres from different countries of the world.

It's like being on a surreal oasis, where music is eclectic but also meditative or just for a dance. Interconnecting with the whole planet, imagining or living in different countries and trying to relate with diverse cultures and experimentation.

Lorenzo-Giulio Morresi, 'Objet melodie' producer, combined real instruments like Roland TR-707, Roland JUNO-60, a Gibson Memphis guitar, marimbas and steel drums with percussions samples taken from his personal record collection.

The other musicians involved are Stefano Ubaldini who plays the intro in 'Rituel' with an amazing hand-made guitar called 'Slitar', inspired from an Indian Sitar made with a broken metal window he picked up in a London backyard.

Fabio Mina is playing flutes on several tracks, like the Hulusi from China and the Nose Flute from Hawaiian islands. Giuseppe Diamanti plays tenor sax outros.

'Objet melodie' is inspired by sounds, technologies and traditions from planet earth, with the hope of staying interconnected as much as we can.

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