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Lone X KETTAMA - The Way You Feel

Lone X KETTAMA - The Way You Feel

SKU: RS2006

Lone and KETTAMA met at Glastonbury festival last year after being booked together for a B2B DJ set.
Although they had never DJ'ed together before their styles complimented each other perfectly and it was only natural that they get in the studio together.

The EP features one collaborative track and an original each from both artists but they way the tracks fit together you could be forgiven for thinking the whole EP was collaborative.

We know at R&S that Lone is capable of creating many different feelings with his music, working alongside KETTAMA seems to have pushed the euphoric, endorphin heightening 4/4 feels to the forefront. In turn KETTAMA reaches for some some synth lines that could have come straight from the Lone playbook. The influence of each artist on the other is plain to see and the results are three killer club tracks that people are going to be hard pushed to pick a favourite from.

We'll leave the final words to the artists:

"Matt (Lone) is a person I respect so highly as a producer so working with him on this EP was a seriously good time! The whole record came together so naturally in the end and super happy with the way it came out!"

“Releasing on R&S really is a mammoth thing for me personally. The label is not only, in my opinion one of the most iconic, long standing and diverse record labels since its inception but is also home to a lot of the music that stays most memorable to me when growing up and going out to raves when I was first getting into electronic music. The label is also where I first discovered Matt’s music through YouTube digging many moons ago and have been so influenced by it ever since. The combination of all these things makes it all the more special to do this record with him on this special label.”

“The first time me and Evan met in person was literally 15 minutes before our set together at Glastonbury last year. The set felt so natural and fun - it was clear to me we had the same ear for a vibe then and there - hearing his music for the first time gave me that buzz as well - effortlessly banging and euphoric so it felt right to carry that feeling over for this project. We didn’t need to talk too much or over analyse what we were doing, it was just about catching that vibe that I think connects our solo music so strongly. Evan is a beast producer, his music is some of the most exciting club music out there so it was a total honour to collaborate on this EP - and for it to land on R&S is a huge deal for the both of us… This project is about having fun, catching a vibe - total escapism exactly what we need at this time.”

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