Salsoul opens the vaults once more to today's top editors and remixers. This incredible 12" sees Australian editor supreme Dr.Packer take the reigns.

Side A sees the good Dr tackle Loleatta Holloway's massive 'Hit & Run' to devastating effect, and Aurra's boogiefied 'Such A Feeling', taking these classic dance cuts into a new dimension, essential DJ weapons right here. Over on side B we have Salsoul Orchestra's evergreen early 80's jam 'Take Some Time Out' being tweaked and The Jammers 'Be Mine Tonight', another total killer from the vaults.

Fully licensed, sanctioned and released by Above Board distribution and Salsoul Records, 2019. Accept no imitations!

Loleatta Holloway / Aurra / The Salsoul Orchestra / The Jammers - Dr. Packer Rew



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