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Life’s Better With Disco Album Sampler

Life’s Better With Disco Album Sampler


Here at Z Records, we believe, quite simply that the world is a better place thanks to our good friend Madam Disco. Where would we be in 2021 without Chic, Sylvester, or Donna Summer? Let alone all the wonderful underground disco releases both new and old. A world not worth thinking about in short, this is why we have collected together the finest, most exquisite collection of disco music and presented them to you here.

We have exclusive brand new remixes, re-masters, and unearthed some of the rarer cuts from the vaults of the label and disco world in this bumper package that celebrates Disco in all its forms. Highlights include a brand new Dave Lee remix of Italo disco classic Firefly 'Love is gonna be on your side' and previously vinyl only remixes from Larry Levan and Blaze. A new song 'Sensationalized' from Crackazat. Digital exclusives from Ruffneck, Masters of the Universe, and a Walter Gibbons mix of the classic 'Set It Off'. Disco is a beautiful thing.

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