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Lex & Locke - Pacifica EP

Lex & Locke - Pacifica EP


Samosa Records releases are coming thick and fast in what could be their finest year yet.
Lex & Locke are the latest talent to make their Samosa debut with their ‘Pacifica’ EP – a sublime three tracker which is mouth watering from the off.
First up is Balandra. From the moment you hear the raw four to the floor drumbeat, you’re under its spell. The infectious bass riff moves the scenery around a little, whilst the subtle bongo attack teases what’s to come. And what’s coming is a funky, rolling cosmic lead synth that has no right to sound that damn sexy, no right at all. The vibe quickly grows into an interstellar journey, aided by an outrageously funky clav jam that gets inside your head. Balandra feels like the soundtrack to an ‘after dark’ undercover stakeout in a 1970s cop thriller. Detectives Lex & Locke are on the case and the evidence is compelling. A unique, 122bpm funk bomb which has the Samosa fingerprints all over it.
A2 is Cabo Pulmo – continuing the vibe of Balandra, Lex & Locke lay down some serious grooves in what initially sounds like a live funk band jamming away in the studio without a care in the world. No soon as we get into the beat and the bass, there’s an immediate switch to a swirling, bold cocktail of funk infused with a touch of jazz that belies the 124bpm tempo. The production is expertly tight; layers of synth, electric organ and punchy guitar riffs make this ideal for both the sun terrace and the dance floor. You’re under arrest, and Lex & Locke are reading you your rights!
The final track, Nine Palms has a real quirky, almost broken beat feel to it with its high-hat ride pattern and punchy bass drum. A wickedly twisted analogue organ riff is quickly introduced, which is cleverly used as both a rhythm device and the melodic platform that sets up the whole track. Lex & Locke seem to be total masters of a ‘free-style funky synth lead’, and we’re treated to another slice of this particularly tasty pie in ‘Nine Palms’. Whereas Balandra is the late-night stake-out, Nine Palms is the final act where Lex & Locke high five each other following another successful bust.
The Pacifica EP has a wonderfully intimate and assured vibe about it and is sure to feature in many a summer soundtrack. This release also proves that Samosa Records aren’t afraid to go off the beaten path occasionally - and when it’s this good we’re more than happy to follow.
Grab this amazing cut of wax while you can!

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